Property management lies at the heart of Caroline Baker Family Office. Its success hinges on our team of Client Managers, all of whom are experienced and carefully selected to ensure strong relationships between us, our clients and their respective offices. Our property management offering is also supported by a highly sophisticated IT system, with individually accessible client portals, which enable clients to monitor their properties and ongoing costs remotely.

We currently manage a portfolio of prime properties in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles in excess of £300 million.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Mandatory weekly checks
  • Implementation of a comprehensive maintenance and servicing schedule, reviewed annually in tandem with the preparation of an annual budget
  • Arranging for contractors to attend site and supervision of visits
  • Annual reviews of all contractors to ensure continued quality and competitive pricing
  • Additional detailed checks of a property prior to the owners arrival and ensuring that all services and facilities are functioning and fit for purpose
  • Purchase of all luxury goods including food and wine, flowers and candles
  • Proactive approach to meeting client requirements and updating household items
  • Administering all aspects of the property by creating a detailed property file with history, warranties and permissions with full transparency to the client
  • Provision of a client account with full budgetary forecasts and routine account reconciliations
  • Provision of bookkeeping to enable clients to have a full understanding of their personal and household expenditure, across multiple jurisdictions, allowing relative comparisons to be drawn.