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About Caroline Baker

Caroline Baker Family Office attends to every client requirement: the routine management of their homes; the recruiting, training and employment of household staff; the payment of household expenditure; and attention to minor defects in an all-encompassing 'turn key' service.

We also facilitate professional introductions and provide highly specialised personal assistant services, ensuring that our clients' lifestyles are managed with the utmost attention to detail and their expectations are fully met.

Meet the Team

"Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today"

Benjamin Franklyn

Caroline Baker

Our Principles

Our people are the best: experienced, proactive and confident

To find and recruit the finest people for every job, we go to the greatest lengths. It’s very simple; this is a service industry and Caroline Baker provides the best for every client.

Our clients’ interests always come first

To exceed expectations in all we do, we establish a thorough understanding of our clients and what they require, within firm guidelines and with maximum confidentiality.

Our quality of service is paramount

Without question we always aim to deliver the best, rather than be the biggest.

Our discretion is beyond doubt

Naturally, confidentiality is a core quality in our business, and so is maintained completely at all times.

Our integrity and honesty pervade everything that we do

This means we always compete fairly and will not criticise competitors. It also means that our prices are consistently fair and regularly reviewed to ensure true value.

We champion creativity and imagination

Sometimes the established way is best. However, sometimes new ideas and creativity make all the difference and provide the best solution for our clients.

Caroline Baker

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