31 Jan 2016

Wendy Challen

Education Expert: We are thrilled to now be working with Wendy Challen who advises on education at all levels, but particularly in Central London. Trust me, it’s a nightmare and I certainly wasn’t prepared for it. You need sensible help and calming guidance. Wendy Challen’s teaching career spans over 38 years in the independent sector. Having graduated from the Froebel Institute she joined Garden House School and was headmistress for 25 years. During these years at a leading central London Preparatory school she built up a vast knowledge of the London day and boarding schools. As an early years specialist, she has worked with many nursery schools and is well versed on the important transfer at both 3 and 4 plus. Wendy and her daughter both boarded at school, giving her further insight into senior education and the importance of matching a child’s needs and happiness when choosing a school. Wendy’s passion for children and their education is evident upon meeting her; she is superbly placed to advise parents and their child navigate the world of opportunity available in our finest schools.